Full Name
Christy Hanson
Job Title
Associate Dean, Career & Professional Development
Institution Name
Messiah College
Speaker Bio
Christy Hanson has worked in the field of career development since 2005, and currently serves as associate dean of career and professional development at Messiah College. She holds a B.A. in psychology from Messiah College and M.S. in counseling/higher education from Shippensburg University. Christy leads a dynamic team that helps students identify and pursue their personal and professional goals through individualized coaching, programming, professional connections and group presentations. In addition to her work at Messiah, Christy serves as a Consultant with Rising Sun Consultants, facilitating training to professional teams on self-assessment, planning, organizational culture and team development. Christy has a passion for helping individuals find the “sweet spot” that comes from the intersection of their strengths, interests, and the needs within our world.
Christy Hanson